The Timeless Way of Building

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This is one of my favorite books because it explains so clearly the process and intention for building or constructing things that live and things that matter.  It is a way to express the hidden quality that lies in all natural living things, including buildings, cities, and towns.  The principals also apply to building software there is a sense of creation that takes place when building a software system, the larger and more useful the better, this however mirrors the reality that big and complex doesn’t mean better but also that things that scale have an intrinsic beauty of repeatability and patterns.  This book is the foundation of Pattern based thought that software design patters were inspired by and that underpin the value of patterns in general. 

The best part of this book I think is Chapter 2 : The Quality without a Name.  This essentially expresses the inner energy that is life and how you cannot give it a name as this would diminish it.  One of the best architecture books available and I will later dive into more detail about how I have personally and professionally used the advice and ideas of this book in practice.