NCover 1.5.8 Errors (profiler connection not established or [ncover] Index was outside the bounds of the array)

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I am creating a NANT and NCover build that is braking randomly, the tests and bulid succeed, but the nany scripts break with profile error, then once I fixed that it was an array out of bounds error.)

The profile connection error was related to elevated permissions on Vista or windows 7, once you run build script as admin or remove UAC this resolved the issue.  The correct approach on this would be to dig deeper into the identity and permissions the build script has to execute and ensure this is covered.


The issue with index out of bounds, appears to be a bug with NCover 1.5.6 or greater.  If you grab NCover 1.5.5 it appears to work without issue and this resolved my problems. You can download NCover 1.5.5 here:

NCover 1.5.5 Download!

Happy Scripting.