Don’t feed the monkeys

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The disconnect between passionate people and the unwashed masses. I have always been an optimistic person with deep passion for doing things correctly, and keeping an open mind to improvement, efficiency, and maintainability. Since I have been heavily inclined to being passionate about improvement, efficiency and maintainability this has led to wasted time and energy in essence feeding the monkeys.

A colleague of mine once referred to this practice of sharing and pushing an open agenda valuing the above mentioned principals to people who have no intention or passion for these things, as a black-hole for your energy and effort. The colleague of mine had essentially
offered to save me much time and energy swimming against the current.

I don’t want to say don’t spend energy on these things, as they are valuable, instead keep an open mind and listen to the people around you, once you find someone with an open mind or passion your energy will be well spent. One of the unfortunate things about our current industry is the shortage of engineers, across the board. However a large majority of the existing engineers are not passionate people but rather people with a mindset of getting a job done, taking shortcuts or doing the bare minimum amount of work to get by, usually motivated by money alone, or at least having a job, this has been my personal experience. This has been evidenced by the large number of engineers during the tech bubble of the 2000’s as anyone who can write HTML considered themselves an engineer.

Perhaps organizations should use a passion factor for incentivizing people or as a hiring process it has been experience the more passionate people the better the work environment.